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Conference NanoTech Poland 2022

Conference NanoTech Poland 2022

The NanoTech Poland 2022 conference took place on 1 - 3 June. This conference takes place every year and is organized by the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan (UAM). NanoTech Poland focuses its topics on Advanced Nanomaterials and Nanobiomedicine. The event attracts many participants and experts in these fields not only from Poland but also from many other countries. This year, the representative of the Department of Medical Physics (ZFM) at the NanoTech Poland conference was Dominik Panek. He presented a poster entitled "Spheroids for the study of nanoparticles as contrast agents for μCT". The poster (which can be accessed on the conference website – link) presents the results of work conducted together with Monika Szczepanek on the application of various nanoparticles (in our case gold and iron (III) oxide) as contrast agents for three-dimensional cell formations - spheroids.  This research, supervised by Prof. Ewa Stępień, raised a lot of interest amongst the conference participants, which allowed the exchange of many valuable ideas or comments related to the current and future direction of the research.

conference photo